Intro to Wagering Concepts

If you want the basics on wagering, we’ve got them right here… an explanation of the morning line odds, an introduction to the tote board and much more.

What’s the cost of a $2 wager? This may seem like a trick question, and perhaps it is. Find out more about takeout and the variable cost of your wagers.

Unlike other forms of legal wagering, you’re not playing against the house, you’re playing against everyone playing. Sound fun? That’s because it is!

What’s a superfecta? Is there a difference between a pool and a wager? Find out here!

There are probably more ways than you think to put your money where your mouth is. Find out how and where so you can get in the game!

The morning line odds are more subjective than you think. Find out how odds are made and what you can do to find value in them.

That big board in the middle of the field is your new best friend, find out more about what all that info means.

How much does it cost and what will it pay? Two things we all want to know!