Wise Dan and Playing Favorites
By Dana Byerly, Hello Race Fans Co-founder

Wise Dan, returning Horse of the Year, will be making his 2013 debut at the upcoming Keeneland spring meet. Hello Race Fans contributing editor Jessica Chapel took a look at how returning Horses of the Year have fared in their first start back.

“Favored returning HOTYs are 16 for 20. With a return of $43.50 on $40 bet since 1972, that makes favored HOTYs just about the surest bet in racing.”

Be sure to visit her post for a full chart going back to 1972. Aside from her astute observation, it’s worth noting that the reigning Horse of Year has been more likely than not to return to the track as of late… a very welcome trend!

So, what should you do with this information? We have two posts that might help figure out how to play Wise Dan (or any favorite!) if you think he can win:

Playing Favorites is a good overview of various ways to factor a heavy favorite.

Singling and Spreading is a nice primer on multi-race wagering. Having a “single,” or a horse you feel is the only possible winner, is a great scenario for getting started with exotic wagering of all types, including exactas and trifectas. With that in mind, we also offer Some Considerations for Single Race Exotics.

Have fun!

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