What were those 2016 Kentucky Derby Payouts?
By Dana Byerly, Hello Race Fans Co-founder

Did you play the 2016 Kentucky Derby? Of course you did!

Download the 2016 Kentucky Derby Chart courtesy of our partners Brisnet.com

In case you missed the payouts, here they are.

Payouts for win, place and show are listed for a $2 wager.

2015 Kentucky Derby Payouts
Nyquist: $6.60 to win, $4.80 to place, $3.60 to show
Exaggerator: $5.40 to place, $4.20 to show
Gun Runner: $6.00 to show

$2 Exacta (13-11): $30.60
$2 Trifecta (13-11-5): $173.40
$1 Superfecta (13-11-5-14): $542.10

Multi-race Exotics:
$1 Daily Double (8-13): $31.80
$.50 Pick 3 (6-8-13): $226.60
$.50 Pick 4 (9-6-8-13): $5,723.80
$.50 Pick 5 (8-9-6-8-13): $24,152.45
$2 Pick 6 (9-8-9-6-8-13) 6 of 6: Carryover
$2 Pick 6 (9-8-9-6-8-13) 5 of 6: 9,038.60

And now to answer some of the more reoccurring questions…
“$5 trifecta payout 2015 Kentucky Derby” = $433.50
“$10 bet to win on Nyquist” = $33.00
“$2 across the board on Nyquist” = $15.00
“$2 2016 Kentucky Derby exacta box payout” = $30.60

Another item of note, the multi-race exotics pay the same regardless of whether you play them straight or box them.

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Charts and PPs provided by Brisnet


  • What is the payout for a $4($24) wager on a trifecta box?

  • Hi John,

    The $2 payout for the tri was $173.40 (listed above), multiply that by 2 and you’ve got a $346.80 payout. Nice hit!

  • if i had 20.00 boxed on the trifecta and got it what would i win

  • What is the payout for a $100 exacta box
    Total bet cost $200

  • Hi AJ,

    The exacta paid $30.60 for a $2 wager, multiply that by 50 and your payout is $1,530. Well done!

  • Hi Ron,

    If you played a $20 trifecta box of three horses your wager would’ve cost $120 and paid $1,734 (the $2 payout was $173.40, multiply that by 10). If you had wanted to spend about $20 total with on a three horse trifecta box, you could’ve gone with a $4 base wager, which would cost $24 total, for a payout of $346.80 (multiply $2 payout of $173.40 by two). Give it a shot next year!

  • I played a 6 dollar box on the trifecta and it hit. What is that payout?

  • I had a 2 dollar bet across the board and hit on the trifecta what would be the payout

  • I bet a $4 exacta box on 5-13-14 for a total wager of $24. What is the payout on this?

  • So if my trifecta box cost $6.30 and i got all 3 horses how much did i win?

    I also did $3.15 nyquist to win what did that get me?

  • How is an exacta box payout ($30.60) the same as an exacta payout ($30.60) given that in the exacta you pick the exact finish 13-11 whereas the box you only picked the top two horses?

  • What was the payoff for $5 to PLACE on Nyquist?

  • Going to do a group answer here, but most of your answers can found in the article! :)

    @Matt – if you paid $6 for the wager, then you had a $1 trifecta box, which paid $86.70 (the $2 payout listed above divided in half).

    @Grant – $2 across the board paid $15 (listed above) and the $2 tri paid $173.40 (also listed above).

    @Beth – $4 exacta paid $61.20 (two times the $2 exacta listed above)

    @Holly – same as Matt at the top of the comment, $86.70 for the tri. $3 to win paid $9.90.

    @Chris – an exacta box is basically just a way to easily place multiple exacta bets. If you played a $2 box of 11 & 13 your cost is $4 because you’re placing a $2 exacta of 11 over 13 and a $2 exacta of 13 over 11. Here’s some more info on types of wagers (boxing, keying, singling): http://helloracefans.com/introduction-to-wagering-concepts/types-of-wagers-pools/

    @Karen $5 to place on Nyquist payed $12 ($4 to place paid $4.80 x 2.5)

    Thanks for stopping by all… you cashed more tickets than I did!

  • OK so a little confused I placed a $10 ( $60) bet trifecta box it won me?
    nyquist to show for $40
    gunrunner to show for $40
    exaggerator to show for $40

  • I placed a $2 exacta box bet on 13,11, and 5 for a total of $12, how much did I win?

  • How much was I to get back if I put $10 on win place and show on exaggerator also on a $12 trifecta how much would I get for that and then on a $3 box Nyquist?? I spent a total of $45 and all I received was $173 and return off of my investment. Because when I told the person then bring my tickets back they were so caught up they said and cash my tickets but told me all I got back off of that was a hundred and $173.00. Please do the math for me.

  • More group answers for all you ticket cashers!

    @mike – for the tri, multiply the $2 payout of $173.40 for a total of $867. You hit all three show bets, multiply the $2 show bet payouts listed above by $20 (Nyquist = $72, Exaggerator = $84, Gun Runner = $120). Overall you cashed $1,143.

    @Dave – the $2 exacta paid $30.60 (listed above).

    @Doni – Hmmm, it looks like maybe you only got the money for the trifecta, which paid $173.40.

    For the Exaggerator place & show bets, multiply the $2 payouts listed above by 5. That would equal place = $27, show = $21 for a total of $48 you should’ve received for the Exaggerator place and show wagers. I’m not sure what mean you mean by a $3 box on Nyquist, but it looks like you only got the tri payout. Hope this helps!

  • How much do I owe someone who placed a 2.00 bet for me on Nyguist, Exaggorator and Gun Runner across the board ? also on a 5.oo bet the same way. Is across the board and Trifecta the same bet? with the same payout?

  • Hi Lori,

    $2 across the board is $6 per horse, so you $18 on that one.
    $5 across the board is $15 per horse, so you owe $45 on that one.

    No, trifecta and across the board are totally different. Across the board is simply an easy way to place a win, place and show wager on a horse. So instead of saying “I’d like $2 to win, $2 to place and $2 to show, you simply say “I’d like $2 across the board”. As mentioned above $2 across the board will cost you $6 a horse, because it’s three $2 bets. It’s really just an efficiency to make placing the bet easier.

    In a trifecta you select three or more horses and your selected horses must 1-2-3. You can play them “straight” where they must finish in the order you specify or you can box them, meaning they can finish in any order. But, a box, like across the board, is really multiple wagers, so it cost more. A $2 trifecta box with three horses costs $12.

    Here’s a post with more information if you’re interested, and nice picks!

  • I bet $10.00 on Exacta and won. I received $205.15 . Is this correct? I am new at this.
    Thank you for your help.

  • Hi Mel,

    Maybe. How many horses were in your exacta? And do you know if it was a box (meaning the horses you selected could’ve run in any order as long as they finished 1-2). Also, is $10 what you paid for the wager?

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