What were those 2015 Kentucky Derby payouts?
By Dana Byerly, Hello Race Fans Co-founder

Looking for the 2016 Kentucky Derby payouts? They’re here!

Did you play the 2015 Kentucky Derby? Of course you did! In case you missed the payouts, here they are!

2015 Kentucky Derby Chart courtesy of our partners, Brisnet.com

Payouts below are listed for a $2 wager except where noted. So, if you played $5 to win on American Pharoah you would multiply the payout times 2.5. If you had a $10 wager you multiply the payout by 5 (you get the picture).

2015 Kentucky Derby Payouts
American Pharoah: $7.80 to win, $5.80 to place, $4.20 to show
Firing Line: $8.40 to place, $5.40 to show
Dortmund: $4.20 to show

$2 Exacta (18-10): $72.60
$1 Trifecta (18-10-8): $101.00
$1 Superfecta (18-10-8-15): $634.10
$1 Super High Five (18-10-8-15-5): $6,658.30

Multi-race Exotics:
$1 Daily Double (5-18): $21.20
$1 Oaks/Derby Double (7-18): $27.30
$.50 Pick 3 (4-5-18): $52.80
$.50 Pick 4 (3-4-5-18): $527.45
$.50 Pick 5 (3-3-4-5-18): $2,452.90
$2 Pick 6 (11-3-3-4-5-18) 6 of 6: $64,925.60
$2 Pick 6 (11-3-3-4-5-18) 5 of 6: $561.20
$.10 Pick 7 (6-11-3-3-4-5-18) 7 of 7: $27,767.83
$.10 Pick 7 (6-11-3-3-4-5-18) 6 of 7: $55,290.48

And now to answer some of the more reoccurring questions…
“$5 trifecta payout 2015 Kentucky Derby” = $505.00
“$10 bet to win on American Pharoah” = $39.00
“$2 across the board on American Pharoah” = $17.80
“$2 2015 Kentucky Derby exacta box payout” = $72.60

Another item of note, the multi-race exotics pay the same regardless of whether you play them straight or box them.

Do you want to learn more about wagering? Try our Wagering section! We have introductory posts and strategy posts. We hope everyone had a fun and prosperous Kentucky Derby!


  • i had a $60 exacta box with 2-10-18-19. what is the payout?

  • what did a $1 superfecta box payout? Thanks

  • A $20.00 bet on Dortmond to show paid how much?

  • How much pay for the trifecta for 30$ horse number 8,10,18

  • If you put $20.00 total and bet a trufecta boxed what would you win? That is if you won it yesterday.

  • If you played superfecta box and only 3 of the horses won do you still win any money

  • Thanks for stopping by everyone!

    @joe at 8:32 am – your base wager was $5 and the $2 exacta payout was $72.60. Multiplying that x 2.5 give you a payout of $181.50.

    @john – $1 superfecta payout is $634.10. The payout is the same whether you play it as a box, keyed or straight.

    @Mary-Jo – Dortmund paid $4.20 to show, multiply that x 10 and it paid $40.20.

    @Angel – assuming you boxed all three your base wager would have been $5, with a payout of $505.

    @Rosemarie – you could’ve played a three horse trifecta box for $24, which would have a base wager of $4. This would have paid $404.

    @joe at 11:06 – no, sorry!

    Thanks again for stopping by all, and way to go on your winning tickets!

  • had a 5.00 trifecta with 8-10-18 boxed what is payout?

  • Hi Brian – the $5 trifecta paid $505. Congrats!

  • What was the payout for the trifecta Box — where one picks the 3 top finishing horses in ANY order? Not the Trifecta, please.

  • Hi Jesus – the payout is the same regardless of whether or not you boxed the ticket. The difference is in how much you pay for the ticket.

    For example, if you played a $2 trifecta with three horses “straight”, or in a specific order, the cost the ticket is only $2 but the horses must finish in the order in which in you played them. A $2 trifecta box of three horses will cost you $12 and your three horses can finish in any order as long as they run first, second and third. Both tickets payout the same amount of money.

    In the case of this year’s Derby, the $2 trifecta paid $101. Hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by!

  • I just realized, the Trifecta Box requires a minimum bet of $6 because one is essentially buying 6 different $1-combinations, and the one winning ticket pays the Straight Trifecta amount.

  • Thanks, Dana! Just saw your reply. Great race yesterday!! Can’t wait for the Belmont and Preakness.

  • I played 1 dollar tri box 5-6-8-10-15-18 ,, cost me 120.00 to bet .. What did I win

  • How much did a 2$ exacta box with 3 horses payout?

  • 3 dollar bet on American Pharaoh to win place and show payout and on Dortmund a 3 dollar bet win place and show

  • I spent $20 on a Superfecta Boxed/What would my payout be for picking the correct top four finishers?

  • What would the payout be if Firing Line won?

  • @Jesus – indeed, looking forward to the next two races!

    @cathe – the $1 tri paid $101, so you didn’t quite cover your bet, but you did get most of your money back!

    @Chris – the $2 exacta paid $72.60. The payout is always the same no matter you play it. So you could have boxed three horses or two and it you would get the same payout.

    @Aline – if your bet total was $3 then your base bet was $1, meaning that you played $1 to win, $1 place and $1 show for a total of $3. If that’s the case you would add the payouts listed above (7.80 + 5.80 + 4.20 = 17.8) and divide them by 2 for a total of $8.90. The payouts are listed for a two bet so you would divide by two for payouts on a $1 bet.

    If your base wager wager was $3 (the cost of the ticket would have been $9) then the payout would be $26.70 ($8.90 x 3).

    @Don – the minimum wager for the super on Derby day is $1, the least amount of money you’d pay for a box would be $24. A correctly boxed $1 superfecta costing $24 paid $634.10.

    @brian – Firing Line went off at odds of 9-1, so the win payout would’ve been around 20-1. Figuring out what place, show and the exotics would have paid is way, way beyond my math skills! But, the exotic payouts would have been much better.

    Thanks for stopping by all!

  • My father and I both played identical tickets and WON $1 Exacta, TWO $1 Trifectas, and $1 Superfecta on the smallest payout Derby in the past 15 years!! Thanks for nothing:(

  • Mac – I know the feeling! Here are the payouts going back to 1990 (the super isn’t included):

    And to make worse, the pools were at their highest since 2007!

    Ah well, here’s to a less chalky 2016 Kentucky Derby!

  • Derby payout for. Trifecta box $6

  • Hi Cindy – the trifecta paid $101 for a $1 ticket, regardless of whether or not the ticket was boxed. If you paid $6 total you probably had a $1 box with three horses, which paid $101.

  • What is the payout for betting American Pharoah with all?

  • Hello, I did “Churchill Downs race 11, $2 trifecta box on the 8, 10 and 18.” What did I win? And what would it have been if I bet the trifecta 18,10, and 18. Thanks!

  • @Kim – I’m assuming you mean in exacta? The $2 exacta paid $72.60

    @Bryan – the $ trifecta pay $202, it pays the same no matter how you play it.

    Thanks for stopping by all!

  • OK, put $30 bet on exacta box for horses 2,5,8,10,14,18

    What does that payout? Any help?? Thanks!

  • Thanks, now the bet cost me $12. Would that still be $202?

  • Actually I understand $2 bet on 6 combinations

  • Had 10.00 box on the Dortmund, American Pharoh, and Firing line. For trifecta box. What is payout?

  • @Frank – I’m guessing you had a $1 exacta box if your total bet was $30. The payout for the $1 exacta was $36.30.

    @Bryan – yes!

    @Jennifer – If you played a $10 trifecta boxed of AP, Firing Line & Dortmund the cost would have been $60 and the payout would have been $1010.

    Thanks for stopping by all, and keep cashing tickets!

  • Hi Dana, we picked 8,9,10 to WIN PLC SHW. $2 bet paid total $18. Returns?

  • Hi Rob – you would have gotten $17.80 on the 8 and $13.80 on the 10 for a total of $31.60.

  • Hi Dana,
    How much did I win if i bet $5 Exacta Box on #2, 8 and 18? Thanks Much!

  • Hi Paul – unfortunately nothing as the exacta was 18 & 10.

  • What would the $1 exacta have been if the 10 got by the 18?

  • Hi Tony – I don’t think there’s any way to determine that after the race. During the race you can find the odds for all the exacta pool combinations (either on the tote board or in your ADW account) but no one makes those available after the race.

  • Hi there. What about payout for a superfecta boxed $24 bet ?

  • Hi Tim and Tara – the $1 superfecta (a four horse box costs $24) paid 634.10.

  • A friend made a “in between friends” wager with me. He bet $100 for American Pharoah to win. He did not put up the $100, so since he did not put the money up front, how much do I owe him for this friendly bet?

  • How much did I win if I bet $20 for Dortmund to place and he showed? And if I bet $20 for him to show, and he showed

  • @Vince – I’ve asked one of my colleagues who is more familiar with these sorts of friendly wagers to weigh in, he’ll be commenting soon!

    @Kathy – $20 to show on Dortmund payed $42 ($4.20 for a $2 ticket x 10). Unfortunately if you only played him to place you don’t the cash ticket. But, had you played American Pharoah to place you would cash your ticket for place money (not the win). And if you played Firing Line to show you would cash the ticket for show money (not the place).

    Here’s more information on the particulars of each wager:

    Thanks for stopping by all!

  • I bet 18,10,8,15,5 for a 5 dollars bet what should I receive. Thank you

  • I bet 18,10,8,15,5 for a 5 dollars bet what should I receive. On the super high 5

  • Hi Jennifer – sorry I missed your earlier comment. The $1 super high five paid $6,658.30, if your bet (not necessarily the what you paid for the bet depending on whether it was boxed, straight or keyed) was $5 you would multiply that times 5. Nice hit!

  • Hi, Vince,
    The $2 will pay is as if the bettors put the $2 up front. So if you bet $2 then you get $7.80 back. If you bet $10 then you get $39 back. If you bet $100 then you get $390 back. Since you’re friend did not put the $100 up, though, you only owe him $290.

  • What did a $100 bet to place pay on American phero

  • Hi Larry – American Pharoah paid $5.80 to place on a $2 bet. Multiply that by 50 and the $100 bet paid $290.

  • I place a 5.00 trifecta bet on firing line. How much should I have won.

  • Actually i bet 5.00 across the board on Firing Line. How much should I have won

  • Hi Jim – that makes more sense! Firing Line payed $8.40 to place and $5.40 to show for a $2 bet. Take the total of $13.80 and multiply it by 2.5 for a total of $34.50 on a $5 bet.

  • I bet $12 exactabox. What’s the payout if two of my horses was in the top three?

  • Hi Leslie – In order to cash the ticket two of the horses in your box would have to run 1-2. If your horses ran 1-3 or 2-3 you wouldn’t win anything.

  • Hi Dana,
    I took Chatterbox for a $20 across the board for this years Kentucky Oaks so $60 total bet. It says the payout is $50, so I should be getting $110 back total correct? Thx

  • Hi Nate, she ran third and paid $5 to show for a $2 ticket. So you would only get paid on the show ticket. Multiply $5 by 10 (half of the cost of your ticket because the $5 payout is for a $2 ticket) for a $50 payout.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • I bet 40.00 on American Pharoah to win in Belmont what did I win

  • played $10 across to win, place and show….what is the payout?

  • I placed $100 on American Pharoah to win. What’s the payout. Thanks

  • Had $10 exacta box on 5, 6 and 7. What is the payout?

  • Hi Dave, American Pharoah payed $8.80 for a $2 win, place, show ticket. Multiply that by 5 and you won $44. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Hi Joe, American Pharoah payed $3.50 to win for a $2 ticket in the Belmont Stakes. Multiply that by 50 and you won $175. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Hi Joseph, the payout for a $2 exacta was $13.60, if you had a $10 ticket multiply the $2 payout by 5 for a $68 payout. Thanks for stopping by!

  • I have 3,5,7, 1 $Tri box did I win something also 4,6 ,8 same way on another ticket ..I’m so confused

  • Hi Lauren, it looks like you didn’t hit anything. The tri was was 5,6,7 and you had 5&7 on one ticket and 6 on the other. Thanks for stopping by!

  • I’m trying to remember how I placed my winning superfecta bet from last year and hope you can help. It was a $1 superfecta bet and I think it was a wheel or partial wheel, keying American Pharoah to win. The bet cost $60. I think I want to try that again this year but I don’t remember what it was or how to say it at the window. Thanks!

  • Hi Jill,

    Assuming that you played it as a $1 bet (your payout would’ve been $634.10), then you had one horse on top (American Pharoah) and five horses underneath. In fact, that’s one way you can say it at the window. You would use the the horse’s numbers instead of their names, but it would go something like this: “I’d like a $1 superfecta with #1 on top and 2,3,4,5,6 underneath”. That would cost you $60. There are probably several other ways to have it turn to be $60, but that’s the most straight forward!

    If you liked more than once horse to win and narrow you group down to five total horses, you also play it like this: “I’d like a $1 superfecta with #1 & 2 on top and 1,2,3,4,5 underneath” and that would cost $48. That way if one of your two top horses wins and any of the other four run 2,3,4 you would also cash.

    Here’s a primer on superfectas. The minimum wager for the Derby is $1 and these examples are for $.10 minimums, but you can get some ideas about how to put the tickets together:

    And here’s a wagering calculator to help figure out how much it would cost:

    Have fun, and good luck!


    3.20$ – 2.80$ – 2.20$

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