What were those 2014 Kentucky Derby payouts?
By Dana Byerly, Hello Race Fans Co-founder

What’s the average Kentucky Derby payout for win, exacta and trifecta?
Find out!

Did you play the 2014 Kentucky Derby? Of course you did! In case you missed the payouts, here they are!

2014 Kentucky Derby Chart courtesy of our partners, Brisnet.com

Payouts below are listed for a $2 wager except where noted. So, if you played $5 to win on California Chrome you would multiply the payout times 2.5. If you had a $10 wager you multiply the payout by 5 (you get the picture).

2014 Kentucky Derby Payouts
California Chrome: $7.00 to win, $5.60 to place, $4.20 to show
Commanding Curve: $31.80 to place, $15.40 to show
Danza: $6.00 to show

$2 Exacta (5-17): $340.00
$2 Trifecta (5-17-4): $3,424.60
$2 Superfecta (5-17-4-20): $15,383.80
$1 Super High Five (5-17-4-20-6): $149,764.70

Multi-race Exotics:
$2 Daily Double (n-n): $9.00
$2 Oaks / Derby Double (13-5): $5.70
$.50 Pick 3 (9-1-5): $45.00
$.50 Oaks / Woodford / Derby Pick 3: $4.24
$.50 Pick 4 (5-9-1-5): $394.45
$.50 Pick 5 (8-5-9-1-5): $694.95
$.50 Pick 6 Jackpot (2-8-5-9-1-5) 6 of 6: $5.574.10
$.50 Pick 6 Jackpot (2-8-5-9-1-5) 5 of 6: $47.40

And now to answer some of the more reoccurring questions…
“$5 trifecta payout for 2014 Kentucky Derby” = $8,561.50
“$10 bet to win on California Chrome” = $35.00
“$2 across the board on California Chrome” = $16.80
“$2 2014 Kentucky Derby exacta box payout” = $340.00

Another item of note, the multi-race exotics pay the same regardless of whether you play them straight or box them.

Do you want to learn more about wagering? Try our Wagering section! We have introductory posts and strategy posts. We hope everyone had a fun and prosperous Kentucky Derby, and see in two weeks for the Preakness!


  • I placed a $2 superfecta box on 4,5,19,20. Had Wicked Strong come in 4th, what would I have won?

  • $5 bet (win place & show) on Danza..how much payout for his show position

  • Nikki – Wicked Strong (20) did come in 4th! But you had Ride On Curlin (19) in the mix and it was Commanding Curve (17) who came in 2nd. So the super was 5-17-4-20. That said, there’s no way to calculate what that payout of would have been. On the toteboard and in an ADW account (online wagering account) you will find “will-pays” for exactas, daily double, pick 3s and pick 4. Looking at those before the race is over (and the information become inaccessible) is the best way to get a general idea of what you could have won. But tote companies (who manage the wagering and wagering data) don’t make that kind of information available for superfectas.

    Roma – Danza paid $6 to show for a $2 bet, so you would multiply $6 by 2.5 for a $15.00 payout.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • i bet 5 win across the board on commanding curve how much would i win

  • Hi Doug – If you bet $5 across the board (win, place, show) on Commanding Curve you would have cashed on the place and show wagers, as he ran 2nd. For a $2 ticket he paid $31.80 to place and $15.40 to show. Multiply each of those numbers by 2.5 and you would have cashed $79.50 to place ($31.80 x 2.5) and $38.50 to show ($15.40 x 2.5) for a total of $118! Minus the $15 for the ticket ($5 x 3, for win, place, show) and you would have made $103. Hope you cashed it!

  • If I had bet the Trifecta Key With 5(Cal. Chrome ) on top and 4, 20, 19 on the bottom, would I win anything? I understood that if I had two of the three on the bottom, I’d win something.

  • Hi Jo-Jo – unfortunately not. 4 (Danza) came in third but neither 19 (Ride On Curlin) or 20 (Wicked Strong) came in 2nd, it was 17 (Commanding Curve)… but Ride On Curlin and Wicked Strong ran great and weren’t far behind!

  • if I bet 100.00 on danza to show, how much would I win?

  • Hi Dawn – Danza paid $6 to show for a $2 ticket. If you placed a $100 show wager it would’ve paid $300 ($6 x $50). Put another way, Danza paid $3 for a $1 ticket, so you could also divide the payout of $6 by 2 and multiply times the amount of the ticket. Hope that helps!

  • actually, I bet across the board, 33.33 across the board on danza

  • Hi I placed a two dollar bet on commanding curve to, win, place or show. My friend placed it for me online. He gave me a total of $47.20 for the total payout. This doesn’t seem like the right amount if you are to times the payout amounts by 2.5. Can you tell me what my total winnings are please. And is this the correct way to calculate the winnings on this. $31.80 times 2.5=$79.50.and $15.40 times 2.5=$38.50.for a total of $79.50 times $38.50=$118.00.please tell me if I’m wrong on this and what my total winnings are, thank you so very much.

  • Hi Theresa – First of all, way to go with that wager, congratulations! Second of all, you are wrong as the payouts listed are for a $2 bet. So Commanding Curve paid $31.80 to place and $15.40 to show, meaning the total payout for your $2 wager is $47.20. You only multiple the payout by 2.5 when you played a $5 ticket. If you had played a $10 ticket you would multiply the payout by 5, and if you had played a $20 ticket you multiply the payout by 10, etc. It definitely can be confusing! Hope this helps, and again, congrats!

  • What will a $ 5.00 Trigecta Box from the Derby pay ?

  • Thank you so much for your quick response. This helped a lot. It surly can be confusing, and its more than what I started out with. :) Have a Great Day!! :)

  • My kids & I each picked a horse (by number only) 5,17,&4. We do not bet on horses at all so I was asked if I wanted to play the trifecta and I said no. Played $5.00 on each horse to win. If I would’ve bet $20.00 on the trifeca box what would the payout have been? Thank you!!

  • Hi Ulf – The trifecta paid $3,424.60 for a $2 ticket, so if you had a $5 trifecta ticket it would pay a whopping $8,561.50 ($3,424.60 x 2.5). But, let’s talk about the cost of that ticket. Let’s say you played with only three horses, the ticket itself would cost $30, not $5. Add another horse for a four horse trifecta box and your ticket jumps up to $120.

    We have more information about how to figure the cost of the wager for single race exotics (exactas, trifectas, etc) here:


    I hope you cashed that ticket!

  • i placed a $2 Super box 4, 5, 16,20 and another super box 5,6,16,20 did I win anything

  • What would the payout be: $5 across the board on California Chrome and $5 across the board on Danza?

  • i have a 2$ across on the 20. did i win anything?

  • I’m going to catch up on everyone’s questions later this evening, thanks for stopping by!

  • I bet $50 on California Chrome how much am I winning?

  • I bought a $1 exacta box with five horses($20). Had 4,5,6,15,19. Did i win anything?

  • Hi all,

    Sheri – remind me to have you and your kids pick my Derby tickets next year! A $20 trifecta box of three horses would cost you $120, which admittedly pails in comparison the $30,424.60 it would have paid! ($3,424.60 x 10). But, for just a little less than your $15 investment on the three win bets you could have played a $2 trifecta box of the three of them for a cost of $12 and hit $3,424.60. Although I would always recommend playing a few win or win, place, show tickets too as you need all three for the tri. But WELL DONE!!

    Deb – SO close! You needed 17 instead of 16, but great try!

    Melissa – Another close one! 20 ran 4th, so no. Again, great try!

    Angryc – Assuming you bet the $50 to win, you would cash a $170 ticket as California Chrome payed $7 for a $2 ticket ($7 x 25). Well done!

    Carlos – And another close one! No, sorry, you needed 17 in there.

    If it makes everyone feel better I played 4, 14, 16, 17… I had Danza (4) on top of almost all of my tickets. I stupidly only played California Chrome under Danza but did cash a place & show ticket on Commanding Curve (17).

    I hope you’ll all be playing the Preakness in two weeks, and thanks for stopping by!

  • i appreciate your time. ty.

  • i bet 10 across on commanding curve, how much would that pay?

  • Hi Jimmy – Nice play! Commanding Curvy paid $31.80 to place and $15.40 to show on a $2 ticket for a total of $47.20. Multiply that x5 and you cashed $236!

  • I hit the Derby tri three times,using California Chrome as a key with 7 others. I also use Commanding Curve same way 1st,2nd and 3rd with 7 others. Was hoping Commanding Curve would have caught him.I would have only had it twice but it probably would have paid 15 g each with the 37 to 1 shot on top. Great time winning. Gonna play the high five super in the Preakness.

  • Hi TJ – Nice hit and good luck with the super high five!

  • A Friend placed 2 $2.00 bets for my husband and he didn’t cash in the tickets before he left, I now have the winning ticket. How can I send it in to get the winnings?

  • Hi Laura – You can mail in the tickets and have the winnings sent to you. Here’s some information from Churchill’s site on how and where to send the tickets…


  • I placed a $20.00 to win on California Chrome in the Derby, how much did I win?

  • Hi Jay – California Chrome payed $7 to win for a $2 bet, so you multiply that payout x 10 (your wager divided by 2) for a $70 payout. Well done!

  • where on the ticket is the number of the horse bet on

  • Each track varies a bit. Some even put the horse’s name. But this image of a ticket from Woodbine is a good general example:


    In this example, the ticket is a $2 bet on the #3. Hope this helps!

  • How much would I win on a $50 bet for Chrome to win 1at

  • I bet $50 on California chrome to win. How much did I win?

  • I placed 100.00 across the board on California Chrome in the Preakness. For a total bet of 300.00. How much did I win? thank you

  • Hi all – bring your Preakness payout questions here:


    That way other people looking for the same information can also see the answers, thanks!

  • I want to Bet 100.00 dollars on California Chrome across the bourd.How do I do this and if I win what is the payout?

  • Hi Carl,

    Do you want to spend $100 total or $100 to win, $100 to place and $100 to show for a $300 total bet?

    Let’s say California Chrome goes off at his morning line odds of 3-5, the payout for a $2 win bet will be $3.20 so multiply that by 50 (your $100 wager divided by 2 representing the $2 bet) and your payout would be $160. So, you would make $60 on your $100 bet. It’s hard to know what the place and show payouts would be as they’re determined by the amount of money in the pools and how much money the other horses are taking (meaning another horse might actually be the favorite in the place and how pools, although that’s unlikely). But let’s say for the sake of example that both of those payouts would be at least a little bit less assuming he wins.

    If you’re looking for ideas for ways to play a heavy favorite and still make some money:

    For example you could play a $2 exacta of California Chrome over the field for $20 ($2 x the 10 other horses in the field) and be assured a higher payout if California Chrome wins. In that situation some bettors also like to play the field over the favorite (called “wheeling up and down” for an additional $20 in this case and if California Chrome comes in first or second you cash a ticked (and potentially a decent one if he a longshot comes in first and California Chrome comes in second). Pair those two exactas with a $100 show bet and your total wager would $140 and you would make more money if he ran first, second or third. And, if you really wanted additional coverage, you could place a $2 show wager on the rest of the field (another $20). You would cash a ticket regardless in that scenario and if California Chrome ran 4th or worse you might cash a couple of decent tickets (here’s an explanation of why:

    I’m not sure if you’re going to be at the track or if you have an online wagering account, but here’s our post on how to place a wager with a link to sign up for a wagering account if you’re interested, good luck!

  • If I bet 25.00 to win place or show on California Chrome what could I win approximantly!??

  • I bet $20 on American Pharoah, Dortmund and Bolo to place….how much did I win?

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