What were those 2012 Belmont Stakes Payouts?
By Dana Byerly, Hello Race Fans Co-founder

Because so many of you were searching for Derby and Preakness payouts, we want to make it easy for you answer your questions about the 2012 Belmont Stakes payouts. You should also consult the results chart below, which offers plenty of helpful information, including the full order of finish.

2012 Belmont Stakes Chart chart courtesy of our partners, Brisnet.com

Payouts below are listed for a $2 wager except where noted. So, if you played $5 to win on Union Rags you would multiply the payout times 2.5. If you had a $10 wager you multiply the payout by 5 (you get the picture).

2012 Belmont Stakes Payouts
Union Rags: $7.50 to win, $4.20 to place, $3.40 to show
Paynter: $5.10 to place, $3.90 to show
Atigun: $10.60 to show

$2 Exacta (3-9): $31.40
$2 Trifecta (3-9-4): $496.00
$2 Superfecta (3-9-4-1): $1,906.00

Multi-race Exotics:
$2 Daily Double (4-3): $48.40
$2 Pick 3 (6-4-3): $192.00
$2 Pick 4: $1,283.00
$2 Pick 6: $15,050.00

And now to answer some of the more reoccurring questions…
“$5 trifecta payout 2012 Belmont Stakes” = $1,240.00
“$10 bet to win on Union Rags” = $37.50
“$2 across the board on Union Rags” = $15.10
“$2 2012 Belmont Stakes exacta box payout” = $31.40

Another item of note, the multi-race exotics pay the same regardless of whether you play them straight or box them.

Do you want to learn more about wagering? Try our Wagering section! We have introductory posts and strategy posts. We hope everyone had a fun and prosperous Preakness!

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