Summer Video Fun
By Dana Byerly, Hello Race Fans Co-founder

Most racetracks make use of YouTube. Whether it’s offering their stakes races, promoting upcoming events or offering handicapping insights from the track handicapper, it’s worth looking around YouTube to see what you can learn at your home track’s YouTube channel.

Some tracks create original content that, intentionally or not, goes beyond the scope of local interest. Here are two examples that recently caught my eye:

From Arlington Park
Last summer Arlington Park had a series entitled Behind the Silks that followed jockey Tim Thorton for 20 episodes. This year’s series, Racehorse, follows 5 owners, ranging from partnerships to sole owner/breeders, bringing you an inside look at the ups and downs of ownership. It’s easy to get hooked on the well-chosen story lines and you can follow along each week. Here’s the first episode:

They’re currently up to episode 4, you can follow on Facebook and/or Twitter to keep up with new episodes.

From Canterbury Park
Starting in May Canterbury Park in Minnesota started a new video series entitled “Canterbury Spotlight”. According to their website, “Canterbury Spotlight is a new feature this year that will take a closer look behind the scenes at some of the operations and people behind Canterbury Park.”

Featuring behind the scenes operations such the racing office or the gate crew will certainly introduce you to the people who work at Canterbury, but you’ll also learn a bit about daily life at the track.

Here’s a recent installment where jockey Ry Eckleberry talks about the life of a jockey and his daily routine.

They’ve already posted nine installments, you can follow along at their website.

No doubt there are other tracks posting useful original content, feel free to share examples in the comments!

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