Night School Study Aid: Pace Handicapping
By Dana Byerly, Hello Race Fans Co-founder

Are you planning on attending Night School tonight? Tonight’s topic is handicapping for pace and bias and we have some content to help you prepare.

Earlier today we published our Introduction to Pace which breaks down the essentials of running styles and fractions of a race to help you determine not only how a race will be run, but who is most likely to benefit. These concepts are the building blocks of pace handicapping.

Go to Introduction to Pace

The next step of pace capping is understanding fractional times, also referred to as internal splits. This illustrates how the race was run on a more detailed bases and highlights who is likely to still be running (versus tiring out) at the end of the race.

Go to Overview of Fractions

And when you’re ready to dive deeper into understanding race, we have an explanation of pace figures.

Go to Speed Rations

Not sure what Night School is? It’s a free chat-based fan education tool that occurs every Tuesday night. You can check your local track’s site or just visit Night School here.

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