Night School Study Aid: Multi-Race Wagers
By Dana Byerly, Hello Race Fans Co-founder

Are you planning on attending Night School tonight? Tonight’s topic is multi-race wagering and we have content to help you prepare.

Multi-race wagering is exactly what it sounds like, a wager across multiple races. Multi-race wagering spans from the straight-forward Daily Double (two races in a row) to the Mt. Everest of wagering, the Pick 6. If you’re looking for a challenge that can result in bigger payouts, multi-race wagering might be for you!

Types of Pools and Wagers
If you’re not familiar with all of the multi-race exotic wagers, start with our overview of wagers.

Introduction to Exotic Bets
An introduction to wagering beyond Win, Place and Show from Daily Racing Form publisher Steven Crist, the guy who wrote the book, literally!

Singling and Spreading
Multi-race wagers can be as fun as they are challenging. Find out how you can get started with a modest bankroll and a will to party!

Book Review: Exotic Betting
Number three in the HRF Index of Top 5 Handicapping Books, Exotic Betting by Steven Crist covers the how of wagering more than the who.

Not sure what Night School is? It’s a free chat-based fan education tool that occurs every Tuesday night. You can check your local track’s site or just visit Night School here.

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