Join Our Road to the Roses League
By Dana Byerly, Hello Race Fans Co-founder

Today kicks off the first scoring races in the annual Road to the Roses Fantasy game. If you’ve never done the Road to the Roses, here’s how it works:

Create up to three stables of horses with two jockeys and trainers that will garner points throughout the Derby trail. There are two supplementary drafts where you can add additional horses to you stables. Horses score points for first, second and third place finishes (see scoring) and you can select three “power horses” to gain additional points each week.

If you haven’t already created a stable you won’t be able to score any points this week (and we apologize for not letting you know sooner!), but there’s still time to get in if you’re interested.

Hello Race Fans regular contributor and Marketing Director at, Ed DeRosa, has more information and thoughts on strategy over at the Twinspires Blog so be sure to check that out. We’ll have prizes for the top three scorers in our league courtesy of that will be announced later. You can add as many of your stables as you like but only the highest scoring one will count in the contest.

Hello Race Fans League Information
Once you’ve created at least one stable, click on the League Manager link listed above your list of horses in the right-hand column. Once in League Manager, click Join a League and use the following information:

League #: 3864647547
Activation code: 495858901

We’re not the only Road the Roses League! Hello Race Fans Contributing Editor Teresa Genaro runs a charity league for her site, Brooklyn Backstretch and our pals at WirePlayers also run their annual Road to Destiny. Are there any other leagues you’ve joined that we should know about? Leave a comment and we’ll add them here!

Brooklyn Backstretch League
League #: 1513977600
Activation Code: 2496062994

WirePlayers League
League #: 2350287869
Activation Code: 3582709766

Best of luck!

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