BRIS Figs Week of January 16, 2012
By Dana Byerly, Hello Race Fans Co-founder

Last week saw the biggest BRIS fig of the year to date.

New to figs? Be sure to check out Figuring Out Figs, our primer on using figures!

Horse Sire Race BRIS Speed
Frumious Grindstone Palos Verdes S. G2 111
Inherit the Gold Gold Token Haynesfield S. 109
Thiskyhasnolimit Sky Mesa Louisiana H. 103
Gantry Pulpit F. W. Gaudin Memorial S. 101
Midnight Transfer Hard Spun San Pedro S. 101
Vamo a Galupiar (Chi) Proud Citizen Megahertz S. 101
Absinthe Minded Quiet American Pippin S. 99
Inspired Unbridled’s Song Pan Zareta S. 98
Lotta Lovin Repent Cincinnati Trophy S. 98
Include Me Out Include La Canada S. G2 97
Mr. Vegas Freud Colonel E. R. Bradley H. G3 97
Coyote Legend Gold Legend Star of Texas S. 96
Dayatthespa City Zip Sweetest Chant S. 95
Mr. Bowling Istan LeComte S. G3 95
Believe You Can Proud Citizen Silverbulletday S. 94
Gleaming Dehere American Beauty S. 93
Howe Great Hat Trick (Jpn) Kitten’s Joy S. 93
Cowgirl N Up My Golden Song Bara Lass S. 92
Solar Charge Authenticate Spirit of Texas S. 92
That’s Who Quinton’s Gold Pepsi Cola S. 91
Lady of Fifty After Market California Oaks 88
Scrappy Roo Roo Art Richard King S. 88
Taylors Irish Drewman Manatee S. 88
Joy’s Paradise Taste of Paradise Yellow Rose S. 86
Sword Trick Early Flyer Groovy S. 86
Take Me Away Today Old Topper El Paso Times S. 83
Badness Midway Road San Jacinto S. 80
Hard Mystery Hard Spun Biogio’s Rose S. 79

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