Search Traffic Mail Bag: Average Kentucky Derby Payouts
By Dana Byerly, Hello Race Fans Co-founder

Search for average winnings of Kentucky DerbyIt’s time to drag out the search traffic mail bag! It’s come to our attention that many of you are interested in the average payout for the Kentucky Derby, or, as one searcher searched, “average winnings of Kentucky Derby.” Great question, and we’re happy to see people thinking ahead about wagering on Kentucky Derby day!

In order to determine the average Kentucky Derby payout quickly, we confined our research to the past 25 years using the chart archive. You can always visit the history section of the official Kentucky Derby site for detailed information for each year, including charts.

So what were the average Kentucky Derby payouts since 1990?

Payout on a $2 win ticket: $26.68
Payout on a $2 exacta ticket: $726.15
Payout on a $2 trifecta ticket*: $10,477.62
*Average for the past 21 years as the trifecta has only been offered since 1994 in the Kentucky Derby.

With averages like that it’s no wonder many a horseplayer looks forward to the Kentucky Derby! Here’s a closer look at each pool over the time period.

Kentucky Derby Payouts since 1990

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