A few changes
By Dana Byerly, Hello Race Fans Co-founder

Since the racing year is now under way we wanted to let you, our beloved readers, know about a few changes for 2014. First of all, 2014 marks our fifth year of publishing! Some of you may remember that we initially launched with our Letter to a New Horseplayer series in 2009 while we built out the rest of the site. There’s plenty of great advice and insight in these “letters” and we even have a few more to add!

By now you may have noticed a few things missing from the site, and that’s because two of our regular features, the Month Ahead and Weekly Roundup, are now on hiatus. As much as we love both of these features, we’ve decided to refocus our attention towards the primary focus of the site, which is helping people learn more about handicapping and wagering.

When we first started our site in 2009 it wasn’t as easy to keep up with racing throughout the year as it is today, but times change and while we’ll miss the Roundup and Month Ahead (hey, they could come back some day!), this will allow us to focus on some of the handicapping and wagering content in our backlog. And, you may have noticed our uptick in posts here at the Trip Notes blog aimed at applying our already existing content to relevant situations, such as helping you make the most of the new Horseplayers show.

We also have a few ideas for new things that we you may see later in the year, and our longest running product, the Derby Prep Alert, will start next Friday 21 in a newly revamped format.

Thanks for understanding, and we hope the next five years will be even more fun than the first!

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