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Have a horse racing site?
Want to make more money with less hassle?
We can help!

Higher Returns:
As a part of the Hello Race Fans Ad Network, you'll be to able attract a higher rate for your advertising space (inventory) because the network has more inventory and more traffic than any individual site, making it more appealing to advertisers.

Less Hassle:
Spend less time and effort with the hassles of ad sales by letting us find, negotiate with and invoice advertisers. You'll also have access to real time stats and timely regular payments through an online administrative portal.

More Control:
Don't want ads from a particular advertiser on your site? No problem! The administrative portal allows you to control all aspects of advertising.

You can continue to use other networks, such as Google AdSense, in addition to the advertising we provide.

No Unsold Inventory:
You get to set a minimum price you'll accept from us for ads. If we can't meet your minimum or haven't sold out the inventory, we'll simply slot in ads from your other networks, where you keep all the money.

Self Promotion:
As a member of the network you can upload an 180x150 ad for your site that will be displayed across the network from time to time.

Giving Back:
The Hello Race Fans Ad Network will be donating ad space to racing non-profits to help promote and support those who support our industry.

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