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Here are a few terms that you should be acquainted with first:

Publisher: A site in the network (you!)
Network: The Hello Race Fans Network (us!)
Ad Inventory:   The amount of ad space available throughout the network.
Ad Tag: The code that you put on your site to display the ads.
Remnants: Ads served in unsold ad space, e.g., ads from and the like.

Is there a cost to join?
Nope, unless you count the few moments it will take you to sign up.

What is that revenue split?
You receive 50% of the net revenues generated.

What do you mean by NET revenues?
Gross revenue is the price we charge to the advertiser. Net revenue is the amount left after we pay our costs to deliver this service for you.

Costs? HRF has costs?
Costs equal about 20% of the gross revenue. We pay a company called Adify to serve the ads, provide you with real-time, online reporting and issue you revenue checks.

I already have some ads running on my site. Is that ok?
Yes - this is a completely non-exclusive agreement so you can join the HRF Ad Network and run our ads alongside any other ad provider.

How are you similar to Google AdSense?
We give you tags to put on your site that serve ads that are contextual to your site, in this case, horse racing. We also give you a web-based portal to interact with the network.

How are you different from Google AdSense?
We sell ads specifically on your behalf. When we approach an advertiser we tell them that we have X amount of sites in our network, that we can offer them X amount of traffic and show them the list of sites. Google doesn't sell ads this way. This isn't even the biggest difference, we sell ads on a CPM basis. This means that you get paid for the amount of traffic that you deliver, not on how many people click the ads. This makes it much easier for you to monetize your site, particularly if you have a lot of traffic. Pretty cool, right?

What ad sizes can I use?
Currently we offer 180x150 as we want to keep it simple initially, but we'll adding more sizes as we grow.

Can I control which ads appear on my site?
You know it. Complete control. Every time we launch a new campaign you'll get a notification from Adify. Just log-in to Adify and either accept or reject it. You set it up to automatically accept all the ads and go in later and turn off a campaign if you don't like it. It's up to you!

Can I control the price of the ads on my site?
Yes, you can set a minimum price for the ads sold on to your website - we have recommendations oh how to do this in our Quick Start Guide. This means that if you are also running ads from another provider you can set your inventory to only sell for "at least" this price - ensuring that you always make the most revenue available.

My site is based overseas, can I still join?
Sure, but we'll only display ads to users coming to your site from the United States. Adify has some nifty technology to figure that out!

My site is hosted on, can I still join?
Technically yes, but currently does not allow bloggers to have ads on their site. Take heart, according to the Features page "In the future you'll be able to show your own ads and make money from your blog." Definitely come back when enables this feature! If you host your own site with an installation of Wordpress, you're good to go now!

Wow, that Affiliate Agreement looks long and complicated. Can you summarize the terms?

  1. Term
    One year. The agreement auto-renews every year unless one of us says no thanks. We have the auto-renew for everyone's convience.
  2. Grant of Rights
    You officially give us the right to sell the ads. It's non-exclusive, which means you can have other folks selling ads on the site in addition to us or sell ads directly on your own.
  3. Revenue Share
    At the end of every month Adify will calculate how much we owe you and within 75 days you'll get a check for that month (provided the advertiser paid us). Remember the explanations a few questions ago about net revenues and costs? If not, read them again. There's another clause in here worth mentioning: When advertisers don't pay, that's called Bad Debt and, on the off chance we paid you before we were scheduled to get that money, we can ask for it back from you (or deduct it from future earnings).
  4. Integration Requirements
    We're going to send you "The Guide" explaining how to get the ad tags and you promise to put those tags on your site, at least one of which needs to be near the top of each page of your site. Don't mess those tags up! If so, we may not be able to pay you.
  5. Default Advertising
    You put the tags on your site. But what happens if HRF doesn't have an ad to fill it or you think we didn't sell it for enough money? Adify has a way for you to fill that spot with ads from other networks. Don't worry, The Guide explains how to do this.
  6. Advertising Sevices
    HRF is really, really gonna try to sell these ads and you'll accept what we sell, unless you indicate otherwise (by rejecting a campaign from within Adify). You know that we can't review every ad that serves, right? Think remnants (see above). Also, don't do anything to artificially boost your ad impressions, that would be very bad and a cause for termination.
  7. Intellectually Property
    You own what you own and we own what we own. That sounds fair. However, we may use your logo to help market the network on our site. This usage would be to say to potential advertisers, "Hey, look at some of the great publishers in our network". Also, ads served from our network will a have small graphic, similar to the "Ads by Google" graphic that accompanies their ads. I bet you might not have even noticed that graphic, ours will be equally unobtrusive.
  8. Termination
    We have the right to terminate at any time if you change your site and we can't sell it, or if Adify is no longer our partner. Finally, if you terminate in the middle of a campaign, you may have to keep the tags up until that campaign is over just as you would need to if you sold the campaign directly to the advertiser yourself.
  9. 9 through 15. . . serious legal-eze. Wow. (Deep breath and GO):
    YouHaveTheRightToDoAllThis, IfYouDoSomethingWrongWeAreNotLiable, ThisIsAllConfidentialInformation, NeitherOfUsWillDivulgeConfidentialInfoToThirdParties, Limited$$LiabiltyInLegalActions, LegalForumIsInNY, Injunctive=Sometimes$$can'tSolveAllProblems, Relationship=Contractors,NotPartnershipOrJointVenture, YouCan'tAssignThisAgrementWithoutOurConsentIfYouAreAcquired, AnyChanges?OnlyInSignedAmendment!

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