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Can I see your list of publishers?
Sure! Contact us for the list.

Can I pick and choose which publishers I want to use?
If you are advertising a service/product that's competitive to any of the publishers in our network we simply won't use those publishers for your campaign. (Example: You are advertising for a partnership group, so competing partnership publishers in our network won't see your ads.) Generally, however, we believe the audience we are delivering is the right one, and the benefit you'll get from that broad, yet targeted exposure is why you're here!

What ad sizes can I traffic?
While we currently have a limited range of sizes, they are based on standard IAB units. SWF, GIF, PNG, and JPGs are all OK with us. See our ad specifications for the details on weights, animations and dimensions.

Can you do targeting?
We sure can! Find out more here.

Do you accept rich media ads?
Yes! Everything you need to know is in our ad specifications. Please note, though, that if you choose to use third-party technology providers (such as EyeBlaster, Motif, etc.), you will be responsible for their fees directly.

Speaking of price, how much does this cost?
We offer monthly sponsorships of 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of our forecasted monthly ad inventory. By limiting the number of advertisers in our network we guarantee your ad will be seen. Want a 25% share? That means your ad will be seen 1 out of every 4 times someone visits an HRF Ad powered page. 100%? Then you've got it all! How your ad performs? Well, we believe that's up to you. Good ad creative should get people clicking, so don't be afraid to test different messaging. Not to worry, we won't charge you for swapping out different ads along the way!

What are the payment terms?
We require 20% of the overall spend before the campaign starts. We then invoice you following the end of each month, and payment is due within 10 business days via check or PayPal. We'll provide you with reports through our third-party ad serving company (Cox Digital Solutions), which details delivery and performance data.

Other than analyzing my own site analytics, can I monitor how my ads are performing?
Sure, just ask and we can provide you with access to the Hello Race Fans Advertising Network dashboard in the Cox Digital Solutions system.

Will my ads be seen in other countries?
No! We make certain that only our network's US-based audience sees the ads.

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