There are an amazing amount of tools out there today, from the simple and straight forward past performance to figures to other people’s opinions! We’ll help you make sense of each so you can decide what to use in your own arsenal.

Nuance and overlooked angles are the lifeblood of handicappers: we crave an edge and will work hard to find a little something that others may have overlooked. One such nuance is track configuration.

So you’ve noticed a few horses that you’d like to follow and wonder if there’s an easier way than obsessively checking workouts on a daily basis.

Looking for validation, guidance or just to see if you covered every angle? Sometimes your local public handicapper can come in handy.

Are you a data weenie or a number cruncher? Are you mathematically inclined and/or just plain old interested in making your figs? You’re not alone.

Knowing who’s the fastest horse is helpful, but knowing who stands to benefit from the impending pace scenario can be even more helpful! Special guest Derek Simon shows you how with his very own pace figs.

What are Beyer Speed Figures good for other than determining who might be the fastest horse? Quite a bit as it turns out! Find what our panelists have to say about BSFs as Figs Gone Wild Month rages on.

Whether it’s to help you identify who will end up favored or to better understand a horse’s performance, performance and speed figures are everywhere so you might as well understand them.

When it comes to uncovering hidden potential or ramping up on a new circuit, race replays are an excellent source of information.