Basic Information

New to racing? This section is specifically designed to give you an overview of the basics concepts you’ll encounter while handicapping. Whether you’re interested in becoming a more serious handicapper or just want to know a little more about racing, these topics should give you a leg up and get you on your way.

Just as the notion of the racing season is subjective, so is the idea of racing divisions. Do different divisions in racing have defined seasons? We take a look.

We’ve compiled a list potentially confusing phrases or words frequently used in race calls.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with past performances, a great way to get started is to just start asking, and trying to answer, questions.

You mean there’s more than the Kentucky Derby? Find out about how the season unfolds and when you should be paying attention.

While watching a race may seem like a no-brainer, there’s a definite skill involved to ensure that you’re seeing as much of the race as possible.

Maidens? Allowance? Claiming? Are you sure we’re talking about horse racing? Indeed we are!

Not that unlike tennis, there are three surface types for thoroughbred horse racing.

Don’t know a point of call from a post position? We’ll help you make a little sense of the past performance.