When it comes to handicapping, or the analysis to determine the outcome of a race, there’s no one right approach. Between the amount of available data and variety of ways it can be interpreted, you can count handicapping horse racing as a lifelong learning opportunity. For those about to handicap, we salute you!

If you're new to racing or just getting reacquainted with the game, this is the place to start. We provide overviews of all the basic topics you'll encounter regardless of whether your goal is to learn how to handicap or just enjoy a day at the races.
So you want to watch the big race but you have no idea who's running. Not to worry, we can help!
Want to know more about how to consider horses dropping down a level or what to look for when a horse is trying tougher company? This is your section!
Can the horse "get the distance?" Would a "cutback" in distance enhance their chances? We'll explore the many ways you can read a horse's chance when they encounter a distance change.
Whether you're looking to get started with juvenile handicapping or you'd like to improve your game, we can help!
Understanding pace and how it can affect the race is a core handicapping skill. What are the likely pace scenarios and who could benefit from them? We'll help you figure out how to ask and answer these questions.
Is a trainer on a hot streak? Is there a bias developing in the track? Is the horse's work pattern indicating anything? Patterns come in all shapes and sizes and we'll help you figure out how to identify them.
While the study of breeding and pedigree could warrant an entire site all on its own, we'll focus on ways you can study pedigree from a handicapping perspective.
While there are specific approaches and techniques, the process of handicapping is as unique as the individual handicapper. One cappers favorite angle is another cappers least favorite. How does one formulate their own process? Practice, lots of practice!
The psychological aspects of the game can play as of a much a part of in your decision making process as the analytical aspects.
Pace and running style go hand in hand. Does the entrant's running style suit the likely pace scenario? From time to time we'll break down a big race by running style to help uncover hidden potential.
Understanding speed is much more than using speed figures and final times.
There are an amazing amount of tools out there today, from the simple and straight forward past performance to figures to other people's opinions! We'll help you make sense of each so you can decide what to use in your own arsenal.
Sometimes just looking at a horse can tell you much of what you need to know about its upcoming performance. We'll discuss what you can learn with your own two eyes from watching replays or looking at a horse as it warms up.
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