Understanding Luck

There’s no shortage of narrative recaps of HBO’s Luck, but we’ll help you better understand the racing concepts in each week’s episode.

Horses and their goats, understanding where a horse fits, playing gimmicks and most importantly, coming out to see it.

The once in a lifetime horse, more on post positions, workouts and jockey weights plus a tried and true racing strategy.

A closer look at the mechanics of claiming horses, racetrackers and their superstitions, jockeys and aftercare.

Wagering strategy, the winner’s circle, surviving an inquiry and being patient with talent are the racing themes in this week’s episode.

Filling races, pre-race exams, stoopers and an exciting time of the year.

Jockey instruction, a nod to a Hall of Famer, overcoming a rough start, lasix and aftercare are all topics covered in this week’s episode.

Pedigree, post positions, the cost of horse ownership along with several other aspects of racing are included in episode 3.

Gate works, working in company and the strange, secretive world of claiming races.

From workouts to Pick 6 tickets, get up to speed on the racing concepts from Luck’s first episode.