Beginners Corner

Whether you’re new to Hello Race Fans or new to racing, this is a great place to start!

If you’re curious about racing or would just like to get acquainted with concepts before going to the track for the first time, try the “Find Information by Activity” section.

If you’d like to learn more about handicapping and wagering, try the “Find Information by Topic” section. You’ll also find links to our racing history articles as well as reference material.

Have fun and see you at the track!

Find Information by Activity
I'm Curious

Maybe you've seen racing on TV or know someone that's into it and you've been curious to find out more. These posts should give you a good overview!

Find Information by Topic
Learn About Wagering Strategy

Handicapping is only half of the battle, figuring how to play your conclusions can be just as difficult, if not more so. Whether it's learning more about ticket construction or determining what constitutes value, we'll help you figure it out.

Learn About Racing History

Connect with racing by learning about its past, whether it's the races that tell the story of the game or the horses who set the benchmarks for contemporary performances. Racing has a million stories, and they're all interesting.