About the Site

Who are we? We’re fans and players, and we’ve all come to racing in different ways. Some of us are regular players, some are weekend warriors and some of us rarely wager, but we all share one thing: our love for Thoroughbred horse racing.

We’re NOT experts! We’re here to share our opinions in hopes of helping you form your own. Think of us as the digital version of that crazy relative you didn’t have who always wanted to take you the track. And always remember: there is no one “right” way to learn about horse racing and ultimately the only thing that matters is YOUR opinion.

The structure of the site makes it easy for you find information on specific topics while allowing you to explore on your own. We also assume that you, our beloved readers, are at different levels of expertise and experience. Our first set of articles is geared towards new folks and in the coming weeks we’ll roll out more intermediate articles and dive into specific topics more thoroughly. On to the particulars of the site…

Are you new? Start here!
For those new to racing we’ve kicked off the site with two helpful sections. In Handicapping we have the Basic Information section which covers overviews of things like the racing season, the different surface types and race types (known as condition) and other topics that will give you a good introduction.

We’ve also created the Intro to Wagering Concepts section in Wagering that will explain things like what the morning line odds are, how and where you can place a wager and more.

In addition to tagging articles by content, we’ll also tag them by beginner and intermediate to make it easier for you access the kind of content you want. We’ve even set up a series of RSS feeds by category and author.

What the heck does that mean?
Like most endeavors, racing has its own lingo. Instead of making you keep multiple windows open to go back and forth between what you’re reading and a glossary, we’ve provided an embedded glossary. When you see you a word with a black dotted line under it, put your mouse on it for the definition. Here are some examples… ADW, blowout, chalk, cutback and workout. This way you can find out what unfamiliar terms mean within the context of their usage.

We’ve kept the definitions brief so they’re easy to read in the hover text and we’ll continue to add to terms!

Coming soon to a browser near you…
While our focus is currently on handicapping and wagering strategy, we will also be covering a wider range of topics. Another one of our big goals is to make it easy for you to engage with the recent history of the game. You’ll frequently hear folks talk about some stellar race or horse as a benchmark of greatness. Currently, it can be a challenge to put these horses or races in context. Sure, you can hunt and peck around Wikipedia and YouTube but we think that it should be a lot easier. How did 1994 unfold, or 2001… or even 2008? We want to make it easy for you (and ourselves!) to find this out by making it easy to browse racing’s history by year, division and race.

We’ll also be bringing you information on things like ownership and farm tours. Unlike major sports, you can actually own a “team,” and it’s probably a lot easier than you think (and while not cheap by any means, it’s a lot more affordable and accessible than owning a professional sports team!).

And last but not least, there are still plenty of little things to clean up around here… we’ll continue to make improvements and add features and content. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the site and please let us know what you think!