Introduction to Speed
Being able to determine what factors made a horse fast in the past and if those factors are currently present will put you ahead of the pack.
Introduction to Class
Being able to spot whether a horse out-classes its rivals or is out-classed will help lead you to the best bets and steer you away from the worst.
Derby Prep Alert
February 27, 2015
Replays, Brisnet charts and links to recaps for last weekend's Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks points races.
Wagering Strategy
Back to the Futures
Are Derby future wagers a foolish proposition or a fine cure-all for the first signs of Derby fever? Perhaps a bit of both!
Letter to a New Player
How to Find a Derby Winner
Steve Haskin reminds us, when embarking on the Derby trail, remember, it's about the journey more than the destination.
One/Two Turn Track Guide
Nuance and overlooked angles are the lifeblood of handicappers who crave an edge. One such nuance is track configuration.
Ten Things
Santa Anita Handicap
Prominently featured in books, movies and documentaries, the record for this prestigious race for older horses is still held by a Triple Crown winner.
Wagering Strategy
Follow The Money
When trying to determine how play big race day, it's good get an idea of how much money is up for grabs. Find out how with charts.
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