What’s Next for 2014 Breeders’ Cup Starters?

Who’s retiring? Who will we see in 2015? As in previous years, we’ll track the starters of Breeders’ Cup 2014. Check back often!

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One/Two Turn Track Guide
Nuance and overlooked angles are the lifeblood of handicappers who crave an edge. One such nuance is track configuration.
Basic Information
Understanding Race Calls
Race calls can be confusing if you're unfamiliar with some of the commonly used words or phrases. Not to worry, we can help!
Introduction to Speed
Being able to determine what factors made a horse fast in the past and if those factors are currently present will put you ahead of the pack.
Figuring out Figs
Figures are everywhere, so you might as well understand them. Find out more about figs in our primer as we kick off Figs Gone Wild Month!
Wagering Strategy
Playing Favorites
You asked, we answered! Playing against the favorite isn't always way to go. Discover some strategies for playing short-priced favorites.
Horseplayers, Life at the Track
Horseplayers is a down-in-the-trenches view of the cast of characters that dedicate their lives to handicapping and betting on horse races.
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