Discussion on Handicapping Process
Ever wonder how others handicap? What angles or tools do they use? We've assembled a canny group of cappers to share their approach!
How to Handicap
So you've familarized yourself with the past performance and you're ready to get started. What should you do? Ask a lot of questions!
Introduction to Pace
How will the race unfold and who will it benefit? These are the central questions of pace. Find out how to figure it out.
Fractionally Speaking
Time only matters in prison, as the old racetrack saying goes, but time can also tell a story about how a race was run.
Derby Prep Alert
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Are you starting to get in the mood for the 2015 Kentucky Derby & Oaks preps? Let us help you stay up to date!
One/Two Turn Track Guide
Nuance and overlooked angles are the lifeblood of handicappers who crave an edge. One such nuance is track configuration.
Introduction to Speed
Being able to determine what factors made a horse fast in the past and if those factors are currently present will put you ahead of the pack.
Getting up to Speed on Figs
What are Speed Figures good for other than determining who might be the fastest horse? Quite a bit as it turns out!
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