The Major Prep Factor
Which prep races produce the most Kentucky Derby winners? Find out which four races have produced a whopping 76% of the winners since 1952!
Geek Out: Mining Derby Data
Part of the fun of 'capping the Kentucky Derby is the awesome potential for geeking out on stats, which might lead you to the winner.
Trip Notes
Average Kentucky Derby Payouts
Now that the 2015 Kentucky Derby prep races are over, you might be wondering about average payouts. Wonder no more!
Trip Notes
Watch Kentucky Derby Workouts
Like watching workouts? We’ve compiled recent Kentucky Derby contender workouts in one place for your viewing ease and enjoyment.
Ten Things
Kentucky Derby
The most famous race in the U.S. was first run in 1875 but didn't become a national sensation until 1915, when the filly Regret won.
Kentucky Oaks
The Kentucky Oaks has a habit of producing Hall of Famers – although they did not necessarily always win the race.
Trip Notes
Keep up with Derby 141
If you're looking for ways to stay up to date as the Kentucky Derby trail heats up, we have a few suggestions to help keep you in the loop.
Kentucky Derby
He Made it What it is Today
A look at the racing impresario, and filly, who transformed the Kentucky Derby into the institution it is today.
Wagering Strategy
Derby Wagering Strategies
Looking for ideas about how to play the Kentucky Derby? We share some approaches that might come in handy.
What's the Morning Line?
Ever wonder how the odds are set? Find out how the morning line odds are made and what you can do to find value in them.
Wagering Strategy
Follow The Money
When trying to determine how play big race day, it's good get an idea of how much money is up for grabs. Find out how with charts.
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