Introduction to Speed
Being able to determine what factors made a horse fast in the past and if those factors are currently present will put you ahead of the pack.
Introduction to Class
Being able to spot whether a horse out-classes its rivals or is out-classed will help lead you to the best bets and steer you away from the worst.
Basic Information
Overview of the Racing Season
While there is no official racing season, there is a rhythm to the year, whether it's at the graded stakes level or your local track.
Understanding Takeout
What's the cost of a $2 wager? This may seem like a trick question, and perhaps it is. Find out more about takeout and variable cost of your wagers.
Ten Things
Hopeful Stakes
Named owners' outlook going into the race about their prospects of having a champion, find out more this G1 for 2yos.
Horse Profile
Afleet Alex
Described as an "ugly duckling" by his breeder, he went on to win eight races from twelve starts and 2.7 million dollars.
Wagering Strategy
Q&A w/Peter Rotondo Jr.
Get the lowdown on Horseplayer star Peter Rotondo Jr.'s go to wagering strategies, and his Grandma's birthday play!
Basic Information
Understanding Race Calls
Race calls can be confusing if you're unfamiliar with some of the commonly used words or phrases. Not to worry, we can help!
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