The Major Prep Factor
Which prep races produce the most Kentucky Derby winners? Find out which four races have produced a whopping 76% of the winners since 1952!
Geek Out: Mining Derby Data
Part of the fun of 'capping the Kentucky Derby is the awesome potential for geeking out on stats, which might lead you to the winner.
Derby Prep Alert
April 18, 2014
Replays, Brisnet charts and links to recaps for last weekend's Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks points races.
Wagering Strategy
Q&A w/Peter Rotondo Jr.
Get the lowdown on Horseplayer star Peter Rotondo Jr.'s go to wagering strategies, and his Grandma's birthday play!
You Better Work!
The data recorded for workouts is only part of the story, find out how you can avail yourself to even more information about workouts.
Wagering Strategy
Follow The Money
When trying to determine how play big race day, it's good get an idea of how much money is up for grabs. Find out how with charts.
Kentucky Oaks
The Kentucky Oaks has a habit of producing Hall of Famers – although they did not necessarily always win the race.
Rooting vs. Wagering
The gambler's head does not always jive with the racing fan's heart. Rooting for and wagering on horses are frequently two different things.
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